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Should I Use Paypal for My Nonprofit?

2/10/19 11:24 AM

At Givebox, one of the most common questions we get asked by nonprofits is "Why should I use Givebox when Paypal has the same processing fee?"  The first thing for us that comes to mind is "What are you using for everything else (events, ticketing, memberships, etc) and how much does that cost in addition to the processing?"  What sets Givebox apart from Paypal is that in addition to being a payment processor, we've also built a suite of fundraising tools that can be used for free.  Here are 9 other reasons why we think Givebox is better than Paypal for nonprofits: 

  1. One Login for Everything You Need – Why deal with logging into multiple services when you don’t have to? With a Givebox account, you can plan an event, sell tickets, accept donations, and manage your money all in one place.
  1. Customizable Donation/Payment Forms – Givebox gives you incredible flexibility to make sure your forms match your nonprofit’s branding. Add your own pictures, logo, and a video to entice your donors to support your mission.  Let your donors know what each donation goes to (eg. $25 feeds a family for 1 night) and put a personal touch on it. 
  1. Customizable Receipts & Email Confirmations – Why settle for boring emails and receipts when you can be tailored to match your branding? As you create your events and fundraisers, our system creates branded emails and receipts automatically, so you don’t have to. 
  1. Better Recurring Options – While Paypal only allows monthly recurring donations, Givebox offers Monthly, Quarterly AND Yearly options which is key to making things easy for your donors and growing donations year over year.
  1. Free Downloadable Credit Card Scanning App – No need to order card readers in advance and pay a premium to use them. Givebox offers a credit card scanning app that you can download from the Apple App Store and uses your camera to scan most cards.  Need more scanners at an event?  Just have someone on your team download it and start scanning in minutes. 
  1. Dynamic Descriptor – This may be #7 on the list but it’s incredibly important. A dynamic descriptor is what shows up on a donor’s credit card statement after a charge.  So having something NON-descriptive will result in chargebacks which equals lost donations and potentially additional charges to your account.  Givebox gives you the ability to customize this and add your phone number so donors aren’t wondering what they spent that money on when they get their statements a month later.  Click here to get more info on why it matters.
  1. No Redirects from Your Website – When you use a 3rd party payment processor like Paypal, WePay, or Stripe, your donors “redirect” to their site when donating money. This can foster distrust and often people worry about being taken away from the nonprofits site to make a payment. 
  1. Own Your Donor Info – When you use a 3rd party payment processor, guess who “owns” the donor information? Not you! 
  1. Customer Service When You Need It – Nothing is worse than not being able to get a hold of someone during an event or when a donor mistakenly swiped their card twice and needs a refund quickly.

If you would like more information on Givebox and how it can help you reduce costs and administrative burden, click on the button below to schedule a demo OR signup for a free account! 

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Adam Flanders
Written by Adam Flanders

Chief Growth Officer at Givebox

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